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Organizational Structure - Committees

Audit/Budget Committee

The TANC Audit/Budget Committee reviews monthly reports highlighting the financial performance of the Agency. In addition, the Committee prepares the annual budget and assists in an annual audit.

Sondra Ainsworth (Northern California Power Agency), Chair
Larry Riegle, Ex-Officio Member and Secretary

Contracts Committee

The TANC Contracts Committee reviews and provides recommendations to the TANC Commission on contractual and regulatory matters impacting TANC, TANC Members, and TANC assets.

Chad Adair (Sacramento Municipal Utility District), Chair
Bryan Griess, Ex-Officio Member and Secretary

Engineering & Operations Committee

The TANC Engineering & operations Committee representatives review the operations and maintenance activities on TANC-owned high-voltage electrical facilities including the California-Oregon Transmission Project.

Brock Costalupes (Modesto Irrigation District), Chair
Phil Sanchez, Ex-officio Member and Secretary

Finance Committee

The TANC Finance Committee reviews and provides recommendations to the TANC Commission regarding TANC's financial program. The Finance Committee works closely with TANC's Treasurer and financial advisors.

Russell Mills (Sacramento Municipal Utility District), Chair
Patrick Mealoy, Ex-Officio Member and Secretary

Open Access Transmission Tariff (OATT)

The OATT Committee oversees the implementation of TANC's OATT and Open Access Same Time Information System (OASIS) activities.

David Olivares (Modesto Irrigation District), Chair
Shawn Matchim, Ex-Officio Member and Secretary

Officers and Staff



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